15A Un Chau Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon.

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Society of Boys' Centres

Key Services and Programmes

Service Mission

Basic Belief
We respect the uniqueness and dignity of every individual. We believe people and environment can be changed and they are mutually influencing each other. We aim to create a harmonious and healthy environment to facilitate the better development of our children.
Service Targets
There are always socially deprived children in disadvantaged environment in the society, these children face more challenges in coping with problems arising from their families, studies and social interactions. We provide professional services to help these children overcome their difficulties and to become responsible citizens.
Professional Services
We deliver our services with an empathetic and accepting attitude, so that the children can grow up in a loving and caring environment.
Environmental intervention
We advocate the community to accept these socially deprived children and will look for new resources to develop various modes of services to help families to resume their normal functions.
We work with a strong sense of mission, good team spirit, an open mind to learn and be self-reflective.
Our management emphasizes good communication and welcomes innovation.         We aim to develop the potentials of our staff and encourage their active participation in our service development.